Crockpot Thursday – Basic Roast

Here is my first crockpot recipe on this blog. I am starting with a basic roast and potatoes. This may be redundant to some of you but when I got my crockpot I had no idea.

Hunk of beast (beef, pork, chicken, etc)
1/4 cup Liquid

First, wash and cut potatoes into large chucks (I half red potatoes). When you cut them you encourage more flavor into them. Then place beast on top. Then add seasonings I go a little heave on it. You can do just salt and pepper or add anything. I tend to do a low sodium Pappy’s, a little fresh garlic and dried parsley. Then add a quarter cup of coordinating liquid (beef stock with beef, chicken stock with chicken, water with pork, etc). You can always use water. Then slap the lid on. Depending how much time you have and what texture you want here are the directions. You can go low for 8 to 10 hours. For a firmer texture or quicker cook go on high for 4 to 6 hours. That is it!

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