WFMW: Tivo the Timesaver

So I was trying to think of a great time saver in my life and I would have to say that it is my Tivo. You can list all of your desired programs regardless of when they are on. You just program it and let it go. You can set a season pass so it gets Heroes every week. Those movies that are on in the middle of the night, Tivo’s theres. Wishlist all Jane Austen movies, Tivos there. I even get Cable in the Classroom at 3 am. Then you can watch them commercial free when ever you have time. You can also hold onto them for as long as you have space on your hard drive.

Traveling and taking your laptop? Great, just install a Tivo desktop (free) and up load programs onto your computer. I took it to the hospital when I had my c-section and caught up on shows that were on summer hiatus.

I also love the fact that you can rate channels and shows for kids. Then when it sits 4 hours (or you turn it on) it kicks into KidZone and just lists the approved things. We have it set on preschool so only the preschool level shows are automatically on. Then we have added select cooking shows (NerdBug wants to be a chef). So if you want to send the kids in to watch something while you shower you don’t have to worry (at least not about the tv). I also have Wiggles, DoodleBops and JoJo’s Circus at my disposal. The Nerdling only watches while I cook dinner.

Then the newest thing is that there are select PodCasts so I can watch CrankyGeeks while I am cooking. Also, you can run it over your wireless network so it can play all my music stored on all my computers. The endless CD changer.

I love my Tivo because it works for me. And no, this wasn’t a paid post though if you are Tivo and you want to hook me up……

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