Freezer Friday: Make Ahead Chicken

Welcome to the first Freezer Friday. Basically, I am looking for make ahead food that is cooked, frozen, then reheated. Please include freezing and reheating instructions. Come back each and every week for this new feature!

Make Ahead Chicken:

Meat is always the most time consuming part of making a meal. I make my chicken a month at a time. I buy fresh chicken breasts in bulk (which is a relative term). Then I put them in 9 X 13 baking dishes and season them. Then cover the bottome of your dish with water and cover. This prevents the dry, horrible chicken. Then I bake them at 350 degress for 45 minutes to an hour. You allow them to cool and then freeze. You can freeze them whole and reheat that way. But, I dice them up and freeze them in 2 cup incrememnts (the standard for most recipes). Then just pull them out and put into dishes. Since it is diced, the chicken is very to thaw by just putting under running water for a few minutes. I add it to pasta, Hamburger Helper and an easy Chicken and Rice dish.

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