First Impressions

So I was talking to a woman from church about some service stuff and right before we were done she said she had something kind of funny to tell me. OK, I like funny;). She recalled bringing a meal out to my family after a surgery (or baby) and that was the first time we really had a discussion. She had seen me at women’s ministry things and checking in my kids on Sunday at church but hadn’t really talked to me. At that point she said she thought I was bubbly, friendly and a bit airheaded. When she brought out the meal we were talking about Bible Studies and the book Bad Girls of the Bible came up. I had said it was a good book but not really deep enough for a study. For me it was bathroom reading. I lent her the book and she went on a trip. She said that she poured over the book and thought it was way to deep for bathroom reading and then realized I couldn’t be a ditz. So at this point in the conversation I am laughing. Then it gets better. I was meeting her for a quick exchange of stuff at church on my way to my Precept study and quickly met her husband (again). She said that she later asked him what he thought of me. He described me as cute, bubbly and kind of ditzy or airheaded. She said she then went on to tell him how wrong he was;).

I have to say I am a bit shocked. 15 years ago this would have really bothered me because I was so afraid of not being taken seriously but now I don’t know what to think. Objectively, I do not think I am an airhead and I don’t really feel the need to defend myself too much (did I mention that I was have a discussion about whether or not studying end time prophecy has a needed place in your spiritual health?;). But this is a new one for me. There have been many phrases used to describe me but ditzy? airhead?
I remember my husband saying that I came off very serious the first time I met him (at a Bible Study in college and I was wearing nylons and a skirt after work;) and at the same meeting scared and intimidated a man who later was our best man and a dear friend of mine. My best friend met me quickly in a computer lab in college and thought I was quiet (man, was she wrong;).
But what does it mean or matter? I can’t really control what you think in that 30 second exchange? I can try and put my best foot forward but beyond that? When I met this woman’s husband I didn’t say anything stupid or factually wrong. I shook his hand and looked him dead in the eye. I also had been talking to people and was in a rush to exchange material, both physical and informationally, and then get to the study I was already running late for. So there wasn’t really anything different to do. Maybe I should have talked about the speed of light, programming or calculus… No, that would have just come off as pompous or rude. Better a ditz;).
So you, my readers, what was your first impression of me? Either in real life or just from my blogs? I am curious!

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  1. I remember meeting you and thinking you were loud nice and way too smart to be my friend! LOL! Reading your post was amusing to me because I dont see how anyone could think you were ditzy or quiet. Maybe I met you in your element? Who knows, maybe I am just an all knowing people meeter? :))

  2. These people are crazy. You are not in even the slightest bit ditzy. My first impression of you was that you were very smart, very outgoing, and very confident. Sugi's impression of is that you are extremely intelligent. I can see bubbly but definitely not ditzy in any shape or form. This however is not who you are… You are a great friend, an encouraging person to be around and you're funny! You reach out to others and lend a helping hand when no one else does! This stuff is way more meaningful than brains… I am glad you are not arrogant!!!

  3. Okay, so it's been a crazy weekend and I'm just now getting to comment. But I remembered!
    Ditzy? No way. Perhaps someone that thinks that is only hearing the way you're saying something, rather than the actual content of it. Yes, you're definitely bubbly and generally happy person (in my opinion). You also have a very expressive face which some people may not be able to interpret properly.
    I remember meeting you in high school at some Genesis Club meeting. I don't recall the content of our conversation, but I knew that, based on your friends and the classes you were taking, ditz was definitely not on the agenda.
    So keep being yourself. I've learned that although I might be misunderstood there are those people that will understand me for just who I am and they are the people that count 🙂


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