For Today (2/8) From NerdMom’s Daybook

Outside my window I am not sure if we are done with the rain yet but a mom can dream;).
I am thinking about organizing my house and getting rid of some clutter. Who knows when or if it will ever happen but I am thinking about it.
I am thankful for all those in my life that love me!
From the learning rooms Kinderbach and some history!
From the kitchen I am making a big pork shoulder roast for the first time. (update: I have made pork roasts before but this is one of those huge shoulders that is over 10 pounds. This is something I have never done;)
I am wearing the standard for Mondays: Sweats and a 3/4 sleeve shirt
I am creating not much unfortunately.
I am hoping that I will be blogging much more! Especially on NerdFamily Food!
I am hearing a little bit of everything. NerdDad made a huge MP3 cd.
Around the house I hope to tidy up and organize a new coupon organizer.
One of my favorite things is the Torani Orange syrup that Smart and Final is once again carrying!!!!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: hopefully a meeting tomorrow (if Stephanie doesn’t have to go for jury duty) and a girls night with my best friend Sara on Friday!

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