A Shocking Mix Up

Now I must preface this with the fact I can’t stand Jerry Tarkanian as a coach or any part of a University. I was mad when Fresno State hired him so maybe that prejudices me against Danny Tarkanian but….
How could you confuse Harry Reid and Ronald Reagan? In the clip Tarkanian refers to Reagan’s renowned 11th Commandment. When I saw this posted I was sure that if Tarkanian did it, it was a one time slip. Well, watch the tape. Tarkanian says Reid instead of Reagan repeatedly.
If this is representative of Tarkanian as a candidate….Well, as much as I dislike Harry Reid I dislike the idea of an idiot Republican more. I would rather let everyone see someone bad in the seat and know that he is a Democrat!
(HT: The Hill)

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  1. There are many reasons not to vote for Danny Tarkanian besides his mixed up speaking. He has never held an office and is not a true supporter of Second Amendment Rights. The true conservative in this race is Sharron Angle. She has the record to prove she is a real conservative.

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