Freedom with Responsibility

In the light of the cartoons depicting Mohammed and all the hubbub, I have done some thinking. The Indonesian government spokesman said: “Freedom of expression cannot justify indignity toward a religion” (The Jakarta Post, Feb. 4). I have also heard the phrase that the freedom of speech should be tempered with responsibility. I believe this but in a totally different way. You are responsible for your sppech and expression. Let me expound further.If I had been the author of the cartoons, I would have been responsible for the fact that doing the cartoons communicated my lack of respect for Islam. Christian musicians realize that they are saying that they belive in Christ and the message behind their music. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t appear to always believe in standing behind their own expression. While Michael Moore believed in the message of Farenheit 911 his actions don’t show it. If I believe the nation I lived in was so lacking in morals, traitorous to its own people I would have to leave. Why live in a nation led by people you hate(and a populous who supports them) and not leave when you have that choice.
Now there is a Turkish movie called Valley of the Wolves(trans)with some American actors parttaking in this anti-American propaganda. Here is an abrisged description from the Telegraph.

Valley of the Wolves, by the Turkish director Serdan Akar, shows crazed American GIs massacring innocent guests at a wedding party and scenes in which a Jewish surgeon removes organs from Iraqi prisoners in a style reminiscent of the Nazi death camp doctor Joseph Mengele.

Now I do not have a problem with propaganda that I don’t agree with(sticks and stones make break my bones but cartoons and movies will never hurt me) but I don’t want those actors who participated to come home. Taken from GOP Vixen:

In addition to Billy Zane, who played the dissed boyfriend in “Titanic,” the film stars former star Gary Busey as that evil doctor, frequent TV and bit actor Spencer Garrett as the journalist, and Huntington Beach native and “ultimate fighter” Tito Ortiz as a lieutenant. Makeup and hair was done by Lynda Armstrong, who has worked on many films including “Troy” and “Die Another Day.” Special effects coordinator was Mark Meddings, a Brit who also did “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Beyond Borders.”

If they believe in the message of this film, why do they wish to live in the US? Say what ever you want but you must live up to what you say. Now we all say things that we don’t mean but them you need to apologize and admit it. If not, live in Turkey.

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