Sucker for Ballroom and Dancing with the Stars

OK, I admit it I love ballroom. That is even though NerdDad won’t go take lessons with me. I have always loved this kind of stuff. I even watch the competitions on PBS. So you would think that I would be glued to Dancing with the Stars. Well.. you would be partially right. I don’t watch the first few weeks(at least not religiously). I get embarassed for the really bad dancers(can you say Master P). So I started watching pieces a few weeks ago. I am not sure how Jerry Rice beat out Lisa Rinna to begin with. Then we get to the final 3 and Stacy is eliminated? I couldn’t believe it. She is amazing and quite literally “legs up to here” (42 inches according to Parade). I do feel that Drew was a logical choice, so I guess in the end it all worked out;).

Between this, Ballroom Bootcamp(on TLC) and the new movie, Take the Lead, is Ballroom going to resurface. I propose that it has never died. There is an under 13 competition and it goes up from there(though I don’t believe in little kids dancing like that). I think tv is just catching up!

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