Geeky Links 8/20

Today I am getting my geek on at D23Expo! But I will tell you more about that next week;). Lets get to some links!


This week’s video is more of just a music track but who can resist Captain Jack singing about the Doctor in a remake of a Wicked song? Not me;).

I love these shared work places set ups. If you love them and are looking for your options check out Loose Cubes. You just put in your city and all your options come up, including their prices. Gotta love it! I believe that Fresno’s own Hashtag is listed too;).

Are you joining in on International Read Comics in Public Day on the 28th? I definitely am!

Android and Me has a great piece on what may or may not happen when Google acquires Motorola.

Geek Girls Network has a review of Ready Player One. It looks like a fun and nerdy read;).

GirlGeekCon has a great look back in This Week’s History of the Geek.

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