A D23 Expo Post That Isn’t About D23 Expo

I sit here with a nervous excitement waiting for the D23Expo to start.
Of course part of my excitement is due to the fact that this event is
huge glimpse into Disney (and Marvel) but that isn’t all. This is my
first real “press” event. I have done movie screenings and blogger
only events but this time, well this time I will join a group that has
real media outlets! What if everyone finds out I am just a blogger.
(Before you ask, yes the studio people who gave me the pass know;)

Before you all jump on me for saying “just a blogger”, that is not
that I feel that blogging isn’t legit. Not at all! But I know there
are many who still don’t see it as legit. And I am afraid of being

As I am sitting here typing this another person with a press pass sat
down and struck up a conversation. He is a blogger;).

I just need to walk in who I know I am. Wow, that sounded like a lot
of bull. But it is true;). Disney must value me or they wouldn’t have
offered me the press pass to begin with, right?

By the way, NerdDad really likes my job right now!

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