Growing Up, Maybe?

So NerdDad comes in this morning and tells me that all 4 kids are up and playing in NerdBug’s room. I then felt his head to see if he was sick;). I mean 4 kids in 1 bedroom playing? And the room that contains all the small legos that my oldest is so protective of? I mean all my kids play together but not in those circumstances.

So my hubby leaves and I quickly finish dressing and go in to get them so they can go downstairs. The baby (well, 3 year old but my baby) is snuggling her brother’s white bear and the other 3 are plotting to build something. I tell them that they can come downstairs with me. The 5 year old asks if they can stay in there to breakfast and they all shake their head in anticipation.

So they are all up there playing, happily, quietly. Is this what happens as they grow up? Them playing nicely, me getting breakfast with TobyMac blaring and in peace? If so, I can really dig this!

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