Hell’s Kitchen Finale Part I

So here we meet as we enter the finale. Who is going to get stuck with Lacey? Or Seth? Or Colleen? This is going to be interesting.

So we start with the infamous screen drop. Then both of our finalists proceed to get blato. Danny wanted mounted fish in his fine dining restaurant. Ick! Paula seems to have a real picture where as Danny seems to be a little more unknown.

Paula and Danny then go off to make their menus. Once the menus are done the finalists are off to Atlantic City. But first they get their 2 “helpers” each so that they can work while the finalists are gone. Paula’s help is her mom and sister. Danny’s help is his girlfriend and his father. They then had 5 minutes to communicate their vision. So of course, as soon as the finalists are gone there is an issue. Paula’s side can’t use real candles so her sister oks fakes even though she didn’t want fake. Danny’s girlfriend came over and started changing things a bit. Then they webcamed together with their loved ones.

Then Danny and Paula had to go to a meeting with the Director of Marketing and 500 staff members of the resort. I am guessing it is a challenge that effects the picking of sous chefs. They got to meet the COO of the Borgata. Ramsay handed him their menus and asked him what he would order off them. Once Larry said what he would order Ramsay said they had 45 minutes to make it. Then executive chefs of different restaurants in the resort tasted their food. Paula won the first course. Danny won the second course. Danny’s beef won the 3rd course and thus the competition.

The next morning back in Hell’s Kitchen Ramsay has a row of domes. It is our former cheftestants. It is Andrea, LA, Ben, Lacey, Giovanni, and Carol. Carol was shocked that she was left for the last 2 with, of course, Lacey as last. Andrea, LA and Lacey are Paula’s team. Danny has Ben, Giovanni and Carol.

And this is where we break. See you next week for the conclusion.

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