I Love Steve Brown!

I am not a televangelist kind of girl, nor radio evangelists usually. I’m more of the school that you should go and physically get yourself into the fellowship. But I love Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries. NerdDad introduced me to his radio show many years ago. It is a 15 minute deal that really makes you think. This is part of the reason I love him so:

I’m probably the most opinionated friend you have. I have an opinion on everything from Obama (didn’t vote for him) to global warming (I’m cold) to Christian music (I like Bach). I know what I like and don’t like and, frankly, I’m right about almost all of my opinions. It’s hard to be right all the time and it’s, also, quite irritating to those of us who are right to have people who aren’t right contradict us.

Now I don’t love because he has an opinion but because he informs himself and can have an opinion. Most of the time I agree with him. Most of the rest of the time, it is a case that I never thought of it the way he puts it so I need to muse to see if I agree. Then most of that time I agree too;). Go read why you as Christians need to go offend someone!

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