One Time Review

I have been afraid of having wood outside. There I have admitted it. I am afraid of the upkeep. I have seen to many decks, siding and deck furniture that is just bleached out and sad looking. The issue is that it is nice enough to be outside in Fresno pretty much all year long. That plastic furniture has to replaced just about every year and natural wood siding looks so much better painted.

Well, there maybe a solution to my fear. I got a chance to try One TIME Wood Protector (in order to review it) and I was very pleased. To start with, you couldn’t see any brush strokes. This is a relief because stressing about brush strokes has always been a huge deterrent to these type of projects. I loved the fact that this was actually soaked into the wood. I did a side by side with a competitor’s sealer and theirs just sat on top. It also spread across my line. The material says that it covers twice as much square footage as the competitor and after watching spread I tend to agree. I also am happy about the fact it is for all kinds of wood (old, new, natural, treated) and that it works for at least 7 years.

If you want to try this great product One TIME Wood Protector is offering my readers 10% off! Just use the code One TIME on their website.

(This is an FRN Review)

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