Home Schooling Year Round

(This is being written as a response to a group request for info from a yahoo group) As I approach home schooling one of the first things to examine is our schedule. I also have relied upon wise counsel. This has led me to decide to do year round schooling, at least for now. I did a little research and if you R-4 (your own private school), you have no attendance requirement. Now since I am a little paranoid I want to make sure I meet the public school requirement, which is only 175 days.
One of the beautiful thing about homeschooling is that it can be molded to fit your life. So we are starteing in the summer. It has been over 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks so as you can guess, summer is not outside time in Fresno. Which really means no park, zoo or even back yard so it is a perfect time to do school. One of the benifits of starting now is we can take off when ever we might need. In the future we will be adding another child (and I am a c-section mom), moving, and off course we get sick. I also admit that I like not having to jam things all around Christmas and Thanksgiving. We also love taking time off when NerdDad is off (though he does love to help teach) and we also have church obligations (including a week for VBS). Based on my calculations we should be able to do way more than the requirements. So what are you experiences?

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