Trial By Ordeal Review

“Everything seems to be falling in on me at the same time. Are you sure you can untie all of these legal knots…before the ropes get tied to a cement block and I get relocated to the bottom of the Chicago River?” Can thing ever get better for Kevin Hasting in this legal thriller? Let me start this review with the bottom line (for those who won’t read the whole thing). Trial by Ordeal was an innovately written, enjoyable literary journey. As I sat down to read this book, it had an uphill battle to win me over due to personal crisis (detailed here and here) much less a book. But as I read I found myself embroiled in the drama of Kevin Hastings life.

A large part of what drew me in was the manner of writing. It was like an animated conversation that you would have with a friend. The short chapters enabled the author to keep you apprised of concurrent events in all of the characters lives. Even as Parshall layed the groundwork for the intricate plot, you still didn’t see all the twists and turns that awaited poor Kevin. You are taken through a plot that deals with legal issues, mob intrigue and the development of one man’s soul.

I was impressed with Craig Parshall obvious expertise that appeared in the novel. It is obvious that he has legal experience in constitution law and civil liberties. This was my first experience with any of Craig Parshall books but it will undoubtedly not be my last. I reviewed this book for Active Christian Media.

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