I have made a realization!

I don’t really share anything going on in my own life. I know, it seems odd that I have a blog and don’t talk about anything in my life but a little about my kids. I realized this because we have many things going on around here and none of it is here. So I am going to try to rectify that in the future. I will start now!

This weekend I graduated from a 2 year program in Women’s Ministries. It 6 classes over 2 years with homework and projects. When you think about only 6 classes in 2 years it doesn’t sound that impressive but when they started listing off the 10 books, 20 papers and projects we had done, it sounded much more impressive;). It has been a couple of crazy years. We have moved, not sold our other house, had a baby and NerdDad has changed jobs. I know this program equipped me but more than anything I am just glad that I got through it all and finished! So now, according to my certificate, I am a Women’s Ministry Specialist;).

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