I Have Slayed the Linen Closet!!

I know that doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment does it? But look at how horribly messy it is!! It was in just a fright that it took me hours spread over a few weeks. Hey, with 4 kids when do I have a few hours to dedicate to clean out 1 closet;)?

I had to sort through all the back stock of bath and beauty products. A lot hit the garbage. You know girls, the lipstick you wore twice decided you didn’t like it but thought you might like it some day? And what stayed just got organized! 1 bin for hair products, 1 bath product, so on and so forth.
Then I went through all the linen! Having had 4 babies, currently have 3 twin beds, a spare queen aero mattress and a king bed well that makes for a lot of linen. Since we are done with babies I got rid of all the baby blankets that are too small for the toddler bed, some of the many crib sheets (had something like 10) and a similar number of crib mattress pads.

I brought in some big plastic bing. One is for twin sheet sets, one is for extra twin mattress pads and blankets. Then I brought in a very big one that is in the very top of the closet. In that I put the extra king size mattress pad (that thing is huge!), blanket and flannel sheets.

Not only am I now much more organized, I can actually see what we do and don’t need! I found we need more blankets and more hand towels but we¬†definitely don’t need more twin sheets!

Ahh, now my head is a bit clearer. So have you gotten any projects done this week?

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  1. You did a wonderful job on the linen closet! I wish I have time to do that in our own closet soon! Visiting for Tackle it Tuesday, hope you can check mine too!

  2. Ah the linen closet. The breeding ground of sheets and bathroom supplies!

    I’m envious of how big yours is! It looks so good.

    Found my way here from Tackle It Tuesday.

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