The Stories of the Mugs

I have never considered myself a mug collector. At least I don’t try to be. I have standard white mugs that we use when I have girls over for coffee but you know how life is. You pick mugs up. When I saw Mom Spark’s post on the origin of her mugs it made me reflect on mine.

This is my oldest mug. I got it for my 14th birthday. 1 of my dear childhood friends and locker mate, Susan McNeil, had left it in our locker with a birthday card. It totally threw me off from the fact that she and a few other friends were throwing me a party at lunch. That was my last surprise party until last year;).

Fresno State Mug
This was the mug that my husband got as a graduation present from SWE (Society of Women Engineers) which he was a member of that year. Now that may have had something to do with the fact that it was a)the year we dated and b) my friend Kathy (who was President) said it was a prereq to dating me. He was given that at the pizza party where we honored the graduates and ushered in the new officers. I went from Treasurer to President;). By the way, Kathy also maintains that it was belonging to SWE that got him Dean’s Medal of Engineering;).

Our New Parent Mugs!
These are the mugs NerdDad and I got when we had our first child. NerdDad got his from his brother Mike. It was the mug Mike got with his first child! Mine was part of a mommy gift from my friend Carrie. It came with tea and chocolate and other girlie stuff!

These were a 25th birthday gift from my friend Santine. I got them at a birthday dinner with a bunch of girlfriends in San Jose. I always think of them all when I use these!

These are from my belated father in law’s insurance agency. He opened it and got these around the time we were in San Jose. I can’t see us ever using these or getting rid of them.

Ahh, the Pelco mugs! NerdDad got 1 when he started working there. He then got the big blue one for his 1 year anniversary. I then took it over. I mean, look at how big it is! And NerdDad doesn’t even drink coffee or tea!

I got this mug at the first New Covenant Women’s Retreat I attended. I was pregnant with NerdPie and Donna Partow spoke!

Last but not least! I am not a big one on play dishes. So I got these super cute plastic cups for my kids! They are the perfect size for cups of cocoa or tea for little hands. But, there weren’t any boy ones. So I just give the boys the ones with frogs on them;).

So that is my mug collection. Do you have any special mugs? Or any dishes for that matter?

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  1. Hi, Nice post on the Pelco Mugs. In fact, the place was bought-out and renamed “Schneider Electric, located here in Clovis/Fresno, California. I found a nice Pelco glass mug this morning at a flea market. So, I guess we both have a thing for “Mugs.” – MDM

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