So Senator Russ Feingold has put forth a motion to censure President Bush for wiretapping without a warrant. Now, I know that all of you who aren’t into politics are saying, “yea, so”. The interesting point comes into play a little further into the story. The Senator was allowed to bring in one witness. So to set this up I need to quite K-Lo over at the Corner:

Who’s he gonna call? A prominent legal scholar? An expert on constitutional theory? A judge?

None of the above.

His witness is John Dean.

For those of you who can’t place the name…John Dean is the person who turned on Nixon by taking a plea and testifing against Nixon and the administration (I am not justifing Nixon, just reminding everyone). Over at the Corner there was a few posts about how hard ot was (or wasn’t) to drag Dean out to the foreground and put him in the center of attention. I have to say that I agree with Jonah Goldberg when he said:

My guess is the dragging will take place when he’ll be screaming like Mortimer Duke at the end of “Trading Places” desperate to keep things going. “Turn those cameras back on!”

Very interesting to see what effect this will have on Feingold and his reputation.

Further development… According to an article over at

Bush defender Sen. John Cornyn, R- Texas, assailed Dean calling him a “convicted felon” and accusing him of selling a book and his testimony being “part of the marketing effort.”

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