Uniting with Saudi Arabia?

When I was a child I heard my mom say, “There is more that unites us than divides us” (no I am not saying it was her original thought;). This resulted as a discussion of ecumenical activity, you know, Pentecostal, Baptist, etc. Well, thanks to GOP Vixen I now know that we have one more binding tie with Saudi Arabia, IKEA. Now, They did have 3 killed in a stampede to get into the store, according to Aljazeera.net. But, the store was giving away $150 vouchers. Can you really say that couldn’t happen in our town;)? Though it is a little sad that Saudi Arabia has an IKEA and Fresno doesn’t…. In all seriousness, I think it is good to give these societies a desire for our goods and services. Hopefully, if we penetrate their lives in this way, our influence will just grow!

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