It is all about the NerdPie!

So the NerdPie has just done so many cute, funny things today so I decided she deserved a post of her own. She is just an adorable mess of blond curls. This afternoon I was making lunch and she was getting a book. Nearby the Nerdling was standing in his walker (none of my kids have ever walked in the walker, a blessing!) and he reached out and touched the NerdPie’s arm. She comes running onto the kitchen telling me how the baby likes her arm. I reassure her that he does and that is wonderful. About a minute later you hear her yelling, “See mom he really likes my arm”. I look across the stove at her and she is laying her arm across the tray of the walker and the baby is patting it.
Later today, I was on the computer (what a shock) and the NerdPie was watching a cooking show with me and sitting in a chair. Dad and the boys were all down the hall putting laundry away (yes, I am spoiled). I look over and she has her foot next to her face. I asked her what she was doing and she loudly pronounces, “I am loving my foot”. She procedes to kiss her toes. I tell her that her feet are dirty so she asks if she can kiss them when they are clean. What do you say to such perfect logic?

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