I think that this may be nerd over load for me right now. It would take me forever to figure it out. Oh no, if NerdDad sees this, I may never get him back;). To this date only 3 people have ever solved it. You can download it for free here. Here is the “anatomy”:

These are Rubik’s cubes of the form 3d, with the original popular puzzle being 33. We label the puzzles like this because they are a d-dimensional cube broken into 3d smaller pieces or “cubies” of the same dimension. For example, the 3D cube has 33 or 27 total 3-dimensional cubies.

Each of the d-dimensional cubies could be considered to have its faces covered by stickers of one smaller (d-1) dimension. But each cubie also only exposes a subset of its stickers to the “outside”, meaning these are the stickers you could see if you lived and operated in d dimensions. We can use the number of exposed stickers as a classification of cubie types. For the 3D case, the 27 cubies are broken into 4 types, those that expose 0 stickers, 1 sticker (“centers”), 2 stickers (“edges”), or 3 stickers (“corners”). Each sticker on a given cubie has its own color, so we could also call these 1-colored, 2-colored, etc. pieces.

(HT: BoingBoing)

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