Its My Blog and I Will Whine if I Want to!

I know, I know…poor baby. But you know what? I warned you in the title;). So I get a cheap iPad2 cover off of Ebay. It is like $15 and has a hard plastic bottom and a cover to it. I had it a couple of months and the hard plastic bottom starts to chip. And that made for sharp points but since I am not rubbing on them it isn’t a problem, right?

Well, a big piece broke off so that the iPad could actually slide out. But it was still in there so I mustering on… until last night. I reached behind me to grab my iPad. It started to slide out of the case so I juggled for a minute and the cover scratched up my arm.

The worst part? It is on the part of my arm that rests on the table as I type. So it has hurt and been bothering me all day! I am annoyed!!!

Whine over, for now;).

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