Kids and Christmas Traditions

So my best friend and I decide to take all 5 of our(joint count of course) kids out this morning. We go out to a little outdor mall area(ish) called Fig Garden, do bagels and then look around. Well, I have been making an effort for the kids to learn about generousity and so I try to always have them put in change at Salvation Army buckets. Today when they put the money in, they were given little candy canes. So when we came home for lunch with NerdDad, the NerdBug was telling him all about it. NerdBug told NerdDad that they each got “Merry Christmas Sticks”. Since he had also found a stick with a little pinecone on the end, it took me a minute to figure out that he was talking about the candy canes. Isn’t he cute;).

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