Kid’s Comedy Carnival

Welcome to this week’s carnival. We have some very cute and very funny offerings. So let us start with the big stuff with Dana at Principled Discovery presents The One True God. Then we move on to the slightly smaller subjects of manipulation and biology insights from a 5yr old with Valeri at For a Season presents Eggshells. Then things begin to turn a little lighter;). Here we have some childhood logic with Eric at Renaissance Blogger presents Out of the Mouths of Babes. Then we have 2 submissions that both deal with songs. One child’s self analysis on her musical offereings with When You Put it Like That, How Can I Refuse? over at Here in the Bonny Glen. Then Sprittibee‘s kids like to torment Daddy with their original lyrics and a song he hates with A Badger, a Mushroom, and a Burger? It is so fun annoying Dad! Lastly, I have my own submission with a humorous look at Raising Boys!

Thank you so much for checking out this week’s canrival. Next week join in. Go here to submit your own great stories!

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