Kids Say the Craziest Things

So the NerdBug was talking to NerdDad while he was changing the baby. So NerdBug is going through and asking his many questions(you know how 4 year olds are). “I am better than Nerdling at walking, right?” (NerdDad, “right”) “I am better than Nerdling at talking, right?” (NerdDad, “right”) “I am better than Nerdling at eating, right?” (NerdDad, “right”) “I am better than Nerdling, right?” At this NerdDad agrees and then does a bit of the spit take. They go through the whole process. NerdBug says how he is better than the baby in all these things so he must be better than the baby. NerdDad tried to explain how those things are not the true value of the person. As NerdDad is laughing and explaining this to me, it hits me. Now if you see the NerdBug, he is the spitting image of his father as a boy but has been cursed with my personality(let us just say it is much cuter on a child than it is on me). But, we have found NerdDad in the personality! His ego! Now as many of you know, NerdDad is brilliant but also is self assured in this fact, something that the NerdBug has apparently inheretted. Please do not think that NerdDad has a huge ego but he is very comfortable in his brilliance. It is going to be interesting to see how that manifests itself as the NerdBug grows in intellect. Stay tuned for future reports;).

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