Movie Recommendation

Ok, so while I am ironing and trying to convince the older 2 nerdlings to take a nap, I am also finishing a pretty good movie. Now that I have 3 kids I watch movies in pieces. So, on to the movie…I just finished watching Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez. I was expecting a fluffy light hearted movie and that is what I got. I have to say that it was better than I expected. The story line was mostly concerning the Jane Fonda character and the J-Lo character. I was pleased to see that Michael Vartan’s character wasn’t the idiot male character that is prevelant in these chick flicks. It was really clean, which was somewhat shocking given the subject. I would recommend this as a date movie. Now, NerdDad did opt out of this movie but I wanted to watch something while he was at work. So that is just my 2 cents, what did the rest of you think of the movie?

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