My Love, Hate and Fascination with Water

A fountain at the Opry hotel at Blissdom 2012

I have always been afraid of water. I think it is the horror stories I heard as a kid (granddad had a heart attack and died in a reservoir), the fact I almost drowned at 5 and I am a control freak.

But I love the water. I like to be near it, I tend take pictures of it every time I can and I like to vacation by it.

I am fascinated by water. I think it is where my nerdiness may have begun because I am fascinated by it. Even as a small child I wanted to understand how and why works the way it does. And that is all science! The more I understand the more I realize how powerful it is. And the more I understand the science behind water the more I understand how much more I want to learn!

3 thoughts on “My Love, Hate and Fascination with Water”

  1. I think that must be the most photographed fountain in the United States. Great picture…I love the motion of the water. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in the photo challenge!

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