Nerd Facts!

Here are some nerd facts out of this week’s Parade Magazine.

Here is why taxi’s are yellow!

Chicago car dealer John Hertz had an idea to make money off his inventory of used cars: turn them into cabs for people who couldn’t afford pricey limousines. To attract riders, he painted the cabs sunny-side up. By 1925, Hertz’ Yellow Cab Company had produced 2,700 cabs—the largest taxi fleet in the world. John Hertz also started another business for America’s newly mobile masses: DrivUrSelf, which later became Hertz Rent-A-Car.

Here is an interesting fact about the first plantiff in Brown v Board of Education!

Lucinda Todd was angry: Her daughter Nancy, a music student, was not allowed to play in a school concert because of her skin color. So Todd, a teacher, opened her Topeka, Kan., home to the local NAACP chapter in 1950 for strategy sessions to end school segregation. That same year, Todd took the brave step of signing on as the first plaintiff in the landmark lawsuit Brown v. Board of Education. In 1954, Todd and the other plaintiffs (including Oliver Brown) prevailed, and the U.S. Supreme Court denounced school segregation as unconstitutional.

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