Nieces and Family

I went to a niece’s bridal shower this weekend! This is me and 1 of my other beautiful nieces, Stacey. I can’t believe that she was only about 6 when NerdDad and I got married!

When NerdDad and I got married 15 years ago I inherited a large passel of in-laws, nieces & nephews. It is funny, I remember my mom specifying that these where actually HIS nieces and nephews. Here we are 15 years later. I look at these people, even the ones that are now adults, as MY family.

We have been a part of each other’s lives for so long. We have laughed and, with some, we have cried. I have watched them grow up. I feel so protective of them! They are all just so near to my heart.

That is it, just emoting;).

2 thoughts on “Nieces and Family”

  1. Same happened to me. I inherited nieces and nephews as I don’t have any close by and don’t even know them from my side of the family. Wouldn’t trade my in-laws for anything. Crazy how fast they grow up!

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