Our Secret Weapon to Teach Reading

We have always been a fan of the Bob Books that help kids learn how to read but we have a new favorite. We were given a set of Reading for Fun (Enrichment Library), A Beka, Kindergarden

book by a good friend (love Sue!) since her kids were done with them. Well, I looked at them and they seemed a little advanced because they didn’t just concentrate on one syllable like the Bob Books.
So they sat for a little bit on the shelf. NerdDad picked them up a few weeks ago and said he was going to start taking the 4 year old through them. They are set up with “words to sound” and “words to know” in the front cover. Then it has a little story. There are many books in this set and they build on each other. The copyright date in the ones we have are 1979 and I don’t know if they continued to print them. So you may have to look for a used set but it is totally worth it!

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