Welcome all you fellow partiers from the Ultimate Blog Party! Thanks for stopping by to see me! And what is a party without food and fun?

Why don’t you get yourself some bacon wrapped asparagus? And get some shredded roast beef and put it on some of the fresh butter rolls! Make sure you get some dessert too because what would life be without some chocolate;)? We have a super easy chocolate cream pie and some peanut butter brownie bites.

Isn’t life better with good food and good friends;)? My goals is to make easy delicious food, share tips and maybe watch some tv. So what are you favorite food secrets;)?

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Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So prizes I would like to win (who wouldn’t;): Of course the grand prize of a laptop! But other than that… I would love US101, US 112, US39, US 105, US87 but I would be happy with just about anything (but my youngest child is about 3;).

11 thoughts on “Party!!!!”

  1. my favorite food secret is to get someone else to cook. LOL
    I messed up…I put the link to my blog, instead of the link to the post about the blog party on the linky list.

  2. It's nice to 'meet' you! I LOVE to cook…but oddly enough…don't blog about it a whole lot lol.

    Stopping in from the UBP of course!! Hope to see you at 'my place'!

  3. Bacon wrapped asparagus…YUM! I had to click to see! I will happily be eating that all by myself. I can't get any of my six children to touch it and my husband is a big baby about trying foods too.

    I am from the UBP. Hope you are enjoying yourself. I will be back for some more yummy recipes. Come by and say hi and enter my giveaway. Ends today!

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