Pro-life but Then What?

I remember I conversation I had with a cousin a few years ago. A girl in her parents church had got pregnant and there was a lot of whispering going on. It frustrated both myself and theis cousin. Sure, she made a mistake and got pregnant but she did the right thing and didn’t get an abortion. She could have gone off in private and sinned but instead stood up like a woman and handled the consequences. We talked about how all these “pro-lifers” (like us) may not believe in abortion but are quick to punish girls who don’t. Well, putting around today I found out about 2 cases that were dealing with this.

The first case is dealing with 2 girls who were denied membership to the National Honor Society (by the school chapter) because they were teen moms. The scariest thing is I am coming down on the same side of the ACLU. These girls have outstanding records and isn’t that what the group is about? We are not talking about an abstinence award but an academic award. We need to take away not only the public motivation for abortion but the penalty if you choose to not have an abortion. This is blatant discrimination because it has nothing to do with NHS. The second case is a unmarried teacher who became pregnant and was fired by the Catholic School that employed her. They say that she violated the teachings of the faith that she agreed to up hold. Even if she hadn’t gotten pregnant it wouldn’t mean that she wasn’t having sex. I understand that all options in these circumstances aren’t good. But when dealing with the consequences of sin it will always be bad. Wouldn’t a statement of “this isn’t what I should have done but I kept the baby” be a good statement? I love this quote from the Feminists for Life:

Foster asked, “How would the employer feel if they later learned that their actions contributed to pressuring Ms. McCusker into having an abortion?” According to Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research arm, a lack of practical resources and emotional support are the primary overarching reasons that drive women to abortion. “Would they have fired her if they learned she miscarried under the stress, or if she had never become pregnant but her sexual activity was revealed? What if it was an unmarried man who fathered a child or a married father who had an affair that resulted in pregnancy? It is hard to imagine a situation where a man would have been treated the same for equivalent behavior,” Foster added.

We need to show respect for women who made a mistake but didn’t cover it up with another.

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