Denominations and Colleges Breaking Ties

So a “Baptist” college in Kentucky is cutting denominational ties because the state convention asked that they hire 1 professor who teaches a literal interpretation of the Bible or what the denomination believes. You know facts like Adam and Eve being the first people. Now of course I am a bit of a fundamentalist but that isn’t the issue. If you don’t believe in what the denomination says don’t associate. Now I never went to a school that claimed to be Christian, and that didn’t bother me, but I didn’t look to them to help form my religious beliefs.

I get some flack for believing in denominations because some people use them to divide. A denomination believes in a certain set of views and facts. Now if you aren’t in my denomination it doesn’t mean that you are bad or don’t share my faith in Christ but it does say you might look at things differently. That is good but when you make a denominational claim I believe that there is a responsibility for the denomination to watch and an institution (or church) to teach a certain way. I walked into my church knowing where they were coming from so when they taught me something new or convicted me on something I was doing (gasp) I could submit to that (God given) teaching authority. To many times I have seen people who write off the pastor or other teachers in a church because “they don’t see things the way I do”. Then people never grow or open their minds to changing a current (and perhaps wrong) view. Now I am not saying to walk blindly, that is not Biblical, but church is more than a social club but a learning enviroment.

Looking at the Kentucky Baptist Convention, in this case, and other groups. Why fight so hard to keep groups that don’t agree with you? Why hide the basic tenets of you beliefs? I find it all rather confusing.

(HT: RedBlueChristian)

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