Reproducibles: A Homeschooler’s Blessing

As a homeschooling mom, I can say my biggest money investment is curriculum. I am quickly realizing the benefit of using books that give you permission to photocopy. I have 4 kids so this is a huge benefit. For example, Singapore Math is not one you can reproduce. I spend about $32 in books per kid per year if they only do 1 years worth. While that isn’t a lot of money at a glance it is $256 to get one kid all the way through the 6th grade. Which means I could save $768 if I could just reproduce them (of course not counting photocopy cost). That won’t make me quit using Singapore but it might sway me in other subjects. So I am going to start compiling a list of reproducible materials.

So far here is my short list.
ELP’s Handrwiting Skills Simplified – Grade 1 (this is great if you need extra practice)
Story of the World’s Activity Guides

So if you have something to add to the list, please email me ( or leave it in the comment.

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