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Let us take a moment to look smart buying strategies.
1)Take life into account by looking at was important for people to do before the holiday. Which means that it is probably a great deal now. Use that to help you find the deals!
2)List making! It isn’t saving money if you buy a bunch of things you don’t actually need!
3)Coupon Sites are great! There are so many though and if that overwhelms you just let me know what you are looking for and I will try to find it. To kick off your coupon hunt here are a couple great ones:
Use Code SMS9999 to Take 20% Off Your Order at! Valid Through 1/21/12. and Take 20% Off Liz Lange Apparel When You Use Code TGTRHWW4 at Valid for a Limited Time Only.
4)Shopping Portals are another great tool for shopping online. The actually give you a percentage of your bill back in cash! And this is in addition to any great coupons you use! I love Ebates (which I have belonged to since 2000) and Just make sure that you place orders using the same email that you sign up with. They don’t have any other personal order info!

Great time to buy:
1)Gift Cards: unwanted holiday gifts, venues like Plastic Jungle (where you can get 1% back using either shopping portal)
2) Holiday Materials
3) Wedding Materials: People usually get married in the spring and summer so now is a great deal on venues and supplies.
4) Carpet: according to CarpetSuperSite the slow season is until tax rebates start so the deals end about Feb. 15th.
5) Linens and Bedding: there will be white sales galore but beyond that color choices will influence deals.
6) Home Theater Equipment (tv’s, speakers, etc): Between Super Bowl promo’, CES and March being the end of the Japanese fiscal year. Now through April you can get great deals.
7) Air Conditioners: Off season and you might get a great deal on the installation too if the person you ask is slow!
8) Calendars: This is the perfect time to get organized! Great deals at stores as well as sites! MomAgenda is 35-50% off right now!

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