Stop Bow Loss!

I love how cute all the little girls’ bows and flowers are but (there is always a but;) they get lost. These are fairly pricey little gems and then you let your little girl out of the house with them and they just don’t always make it home with it. But I saw this great solution posted over at Babes in Hairland. Go and wear hair bobs in good health!

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  1. We were at Lowe’s last night and Em lost her bow. I was devastated…those things are expensive! I back tracked the store at least three times and asked at least three sales clerks if someone had turned in a bow (to make it worse, it was one bow from a two pack that I use when I do pig-tails…so just having one bow was not going to work), anyhow, one guy I asked did not even know what a hair bow was…must not have daughters. Okay, long story short….I finally found it behind a display inside of the shelving unit..I had given up looking at this point and just happened to look to my left and the shiny rhinestones on the bow caught my eye….;) hehe. Soooooo I LOVE this video 🙂

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