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Gluten Free Flour Blend

glutenfreeflourblendOk, originally this was posted on some Utah based Gluten Free site but I can’t find it anywhere. I have just seen different versions of this blend. This is the one I have used and liked so far. A big reason I love so much is that you can pick up almost all the materials (not brown rice flour) at the Asian market for cheap, relative to other gluten free things;).

3 cups white rice flour
3 cups brown rice flour
2 cups potato starch (not flour)
1 cup tapioca starch

I get the white rice flour for 99 cents a pound, potato starch, and tapioca starch for $1.49 a pound (I think) all at the R&N Market at Cedar and Herndon but any local Asian market where you are at should the best prices. Then I got the Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour Brown, 48-Ounce (Pack of 4) for $21.68 (which is a lot of brown rice flour).

I mixed it together and leave it in a bin!

Custom Cake with Non-Custom Ingredients

The Nerdster wanted a Batman cake for his 5th birthday this last week. And as you see, he got one;). But it was a bit of a process to get there. Now, as usually, I started with a box cake mix. But, I had planned on using homemade butter cream. Genius me forgot to get powdered sugar (which I thought I had) but I had 2 tubs of chocolate icing with chocolate chips and 1 tub of white cream cheese frosting.

So I started by frosting in between the layers and the edges of the cake with the chocolate chip frosting. Then I took a bat image that NerdDad found online. I cut it out.

Then I buttered the edges lightly with chocolate frosting so it would stick to my cake top. Then I mixed yellow gel food coloring into my white cream cheese. I frosted the top of the cake with yellow frosting but was careful to stay off the Batman image.

Then I used 2 strips of duct tape to remove the Bat symbol. Then I filled in the image with more of the chocolate frosting!

So there you have how I made fully custom cake using totally non-custom ingredients! Just a box mix, canned frosting and picture of a bat!

Thor’s Hammer

As many of you may know, June is a huge birthday month here in the NerdFamily! The challenge is that I have to keep coming up with cakes;). NerdBug turned 9 on the 30th and he loves all things super heroes or Star Wars. Since we had just given him a Thor comic book, NerdDad had the idea for me to make Thor’s Hammer!

What was the most challenging thing is that I thought I had black color but I didn’t. All you have to do is make a cake in a loaf pan. I added a touch of blue color into my white butter frosting.  Then I inserted a rolled brown bag with a handle loop into the bottom. To make the knob on the top I just frosted an Oreo and stuck a toothpick in the bottom of it. Then I shoved the toothpick into the top!

Pretty easy and he guessed right off what it was!

Butterfly Cake

So I made the NerdPie a butterfly cake for her 7th birthday. It didn’t turn out as smooth as I hoped. Doesn’t it look nice from a distance (just ignore the messy counter;). But seriously, here is a close up picture.

My frosting was a little goupier than I wanted. I have to quit making them chocolate cakes! It would make my life easier, who cares what they like to taste;). It is a round cake that was cut in half. Then I put it round sides together and then cute a triangle out of each straight side. I used some tubed red and pink icing that I got on 75% off clearance at Valentine’s Day. The yellow triangles are sugared grapefruit with sour fruit tape in the middle of the grapefruit and as antennae. Then I used cotton candy jelly bellies in the middle. I guess it wasn’t a failure because she knew what it was on the first guess;).