Thanksgiving Unit Ideas

Now that the holidays are under way it is time to look at some ideas for Thanksgiving learning. has a complete unit put together, including logic puzzles and math worksheets. Then SchoolExpress has a full workbook in pdf format. You could just print and go with it. You can get more in detail historical information at They have essays, diagrams of the ships and pieces on life at the time. They even have the passenger list from the Mayflower.

On the more arts and crafts side I found some interesting ideas. Kaboose has a leaf Bouquet of Thanks that is interactive for the whole family. You each fill out a leaf and then go through them as a family. Then abcteach has a cute turkey that you fill out a poem on. The letters of turkey start the first letter of each line. Last but not least is a great list of thank you in many languages.

So there are just a few of the free ideas out there on the internet for Thanksgiving!

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