The Corner, Bolton, and the Post

I was meandering the Corner and found one post that provided me with many good feelings;). Katherine Jean Lopez had a simple post that refered to an article at the Jerusalem Post. It was refering to when John Bolton spoke at the Zionist Organization of America’s annual dinner. He was saying that the Iranian nuclear issue is a proble not only for Israel but the whole region. It was also great that his addressed that the UN is an anti-Israel group.

he American ambassador discussed at length an anti-Israel event that took place at UN Headquarters on November 29 which did not receive coverage by the Hebrew media and was ignored by the Foreign Ministry. On that day, as on every anniversary of the 1947 UN vote recommending the partition of the British Mandate in the Land of Israel, the UN sponsored an official Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

This year, law professor Anne Bayefsky, who in recent years has heroically taken it upon herself to expose the UN’s institutional anti-Semitism, managed to photograph the event in which UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the presidents of the General Assembly and the Security Council participated. The three UN leaders sat on a stage against the backdrop of a map of the Middle East in which Israel was mysteriously replaced by a country called “Palestine.” Not one of the UN leaders, or any of the other participants in the event, saw fit to protest the fact that Israel had been literally “wiped off” this official UN map.

According to Bolton, “I think we need to use this example, this piece of evidence about a fundamental flaw within the UN itself. This is not simply a mistake that the three men made not speaking about the map. They didn’t speak about the map because they didn’t see anything unusual. And in fact there isn’t anything unusual about it in the context of the UN. We need to take this instance and go beyond what our normal reaction might be – to slam the people involved for not criticizing the map, for not walking out. We need to say this is a pivot point to change the culture at the UN.”

The author also went on to talk about how Bolton has spoke out when Israel’s own UN ambassador hadn’t. So you are probably wondering where all the good feelings are. Well..
1) I am not the only one both reading and siting the Jerusalem Post.
2) Just a reminder why George W Bush is such a good president.
3) Why I love Bolton.
4)That someone is pointing out the problems in the UN and that this will hopefully affect some sort of change!

Hopefully this will bring you all a little joy for the Christmas season!

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