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I was reading Two Blonde Boys and he had a post on the Emerging Church. I had heard this term before but have always been at a loss as to its meaning. I clicked onto a blog link that illustrated (they do not to appear to favor definitions;) the emerging church. I believe that this is all toungue and cheek. I discovered that I am to old, boring and overall not hip enough to be in this group. What really convinced me was the list of words that the movement view as negative:

Foundationalism, Absolute Truth, Church Growth, D.A. Carson, Calvinism, Modernism, Fundamentalist, Bush, Seeker Sensitive, Preaching, Pulpit, Doctrine, Innerancy, Power, Enlightenment, Rationalism, Meta-narratives, Universal, Judgemental

The only ones that don’t represent me and my beliefs are D.A. Carson(because I can’t place the name) and Seeker Sensitive(but I believe churches should be to a point;). Now I do have a laptop and I like the Dave Crowder Band but I definately don’t have a Christian/Liberal bumper sticker. I would like to know what group I actually fit into. I am interested in learning more about this movement and keeping up on what things are on the rise in the church but this has definately helped enlighten me;).

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  1. Hello fellow blogger! I’m new to blogs but I just wanted to say that I like your blog here on homeschooling on the rise. It kept me reading all the way to the end… And then I went and searched for some more posts after that. 🙂 Keep up the good work, I’m always looking to learn more about Home Schooling, in particular.

  2. Few things are more inspirational than browsing through your post here after a long day. Your fresh insight keeps me, and surely others, motivated and informed about Home Schooling. Don’t ever stop posting like this one on homeschooling on the rise, ok?

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