Munich, American Jews, and Israel

I was reading GOP Vixen’s blogging on Munich and she referenced an article on the Guardian regarding the anti-Israeli tone in the movie. I found a portion of it very interesting on Jews in Hollywood.

“Jews pioneered Hollywood,” wrote Jack Engelhard, the author of the best-selling novel and film, Indecent Proposal, on the Tel-Aviv-based website, “If, as our enemies say, we own Hollywood, well, here’s the plot twist – we have lost Hollywood, and we have lost Spielberg. Spielberg is no friend of Israel. Spielberg is no friend of truth. His Munich may just as well have been scripted by George Galloway.”

When did everyone forget that Jewish Americans are not pro-Israel? Most American Jews feel more sympathetic toward the Palestinian cause than the Israeli plight. Through the years American Jews have always felt guilty so they send money to Jewish groups(on the whole not the specific). Now there is the Anti-Defimation League that also is anti-Israel(and anti-conservative, anti-moral, and anti-good;). That money that went to pro-Jewish groups now go to them. As far as the Jewish effect on Hollywood. Judaism at it’s truest form is very moral and we haven’t seen that represented out of Jewish Hollywood. Now a large part of this may be that the majority of the Hollywood(and over all American) Jewish community is not religious. So why is it so suprising that if Hollywod Jews are not representative of Jewish moral’s they would represent pro-Israel politics.

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