Ushpizin – A Possibly Great Movie!

I was putting around the blogosphere reading some of the information on Spielberg’s Munich(blogging on that to follow) and I went to the Jerusalem Post site. I actually clicked on a banner ad for Ushpizin. I know what all my fellow bloggers are saying..”Don’t click on the ads, thats for suckers!”. Normally I would agree but something intrigued me, and it was more than the Hebrew(it was the Post after all). It is only being shown in a few places in the States right now and Fresno isn’t one so I haven’t had a chance to see it. It is set during the week of Succoth. Ushpizin is translated loosely to “blessed guests”. This is about unexpected guests(and somewhat unwanted) who arrive during Succoth. This ties a sweet story to an introduction to Ultra-Orthodox tradition. If you have had an opportunity to see it please let me know how it was!

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