The Issue of Asking and Telling

A friend on FaceBook asked all his friends on our views of the Military Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and if we think it should hang around. Well, I decided to take my life in my hands and post about it.

I don’t care if you are gay and in the military. I don’t think that it will effect what type of soldier you are and I just don’t care about your private life. That said, I think that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should stand. But with better implementation than is currently used. I don’t think it is the ideal solution but I do think that it helps. But why you may ask…

There are reasons that we separate out the sexes in barracks and other things. Many of those reasons circle around dating, sexual attraction and the like. By filtering out those issues it allows people to be more focused and less self conscious. Now, I am not worried about the homosexual people hitting on the straight people. That isn’t it but overall issues of dating, attraction and the like. We know that overall this is a huge issue in the military. That is why there are so many rules about fraternization.

We put men and women in separate barracks to isolate them from those the would be interested in. Not all the time but during the times that they are bathing, changing, in bed, etc. But with homosexuals how would you do that? 1 gay guy for every 100 women in a barrack and 1 gay girl for every 100 guys? I can say that doing that may mess with the 100 women or men who are attracted to that person and want to turn them (not the gay person’s fault but a reality).

So what can solve this problem? Who knows. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is far from perfect but what would be the better logistical solution. Now I don’t like some of the things I hear about its implementation and how some people use it as a weapon but on its face, what would be better? I’m open to ideas…

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