WIWW What do you think?

So I am often unsure of my outfits, with trying trends and prints but not sure if it is just too much. This is an outfit I wore out to run errands. This shirt (from the Avenue) is one of the things I am never sure about. The hubby thinks it is a little much but I always get compliments. So I am very torn. What do you think?

The pants are also from The Avenue and a simple tank.  I have some great black flats that I found from Ross that are CLaundry brand.

Then onto the jewelry! I picked up this set from Fashion Bug as a $6 Black Friday deal. I hadn’t gotten Christmas jewelry in years and decided that I needed a more mature look;).

This flower headwrap is another fashion quandary. I think it is cute but…. it feels a little large. And is it too juvenile?

Ugh! I wish I felt more confident about these things!

Now I still have to figure out what I am wearing on tv this week. Next week you will see what I chose;).
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6 thoughts on “WIWW What do you think?”

  1. I’ve been an occasional reader of your blog for a while after finding you a while back looking for homeschooling stuff(I’m a long time homeschooler to my boys, not quite as deep into it and as organized as you are though!). I love that you’re sharing outfits now too! I’m also a plus sized woman and my blog is partially about plus sized fashion.

    I like the top, I’m not too brave myself when it comes to a lot of patterns but I always love them on others(not all patterns mind you, lol). I think it looks good, if you wanted to try breaking up the pattern a bit you could add a wide belt and see how it looks. I’ve only recently really got into adding belts and I love the belted look now. The hardest part is finding the right belt. I could go through 4 different wide black belts with one outfit before finding one that looks good and sits just right.

  2. I like the blouse, it looks nice. However, I am not a fan of the flower. It’s not just you, I don’t think many peeps can pull off the flower. Well, basically most peeps should not wear them. If you must wear the flower, I think they look best with a simple outfit. Love the earrings!

  3. I am all for flowers in the hair, it is not too much, you just have to pair it with an outfit that isn’t too busy already and be confident about it. I have slowly been getting bolder with my flowers, brighter, bigger… eek!

  4. First of all, I loved your whole style and swag that you had at BlogHer ’11. That whole pin-up girl look was so fabulous! I like this look as well. The flower in the hair thing is so you, and I adore it! 🙂

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