The Wizarding World Of Minecraft: Your N.E.W.T. Level Potions

newt potions

This week’s Minecraft post also a Harry Potter enriched Potions class. But this time I am going to talk the advanced N.E.W.T level stuff. For this I am going to talk  like you already passed the O.W.L exams. If you haven’t please take it first. I am going to talk about the ways that you can modify your potions to make them have the same effect but with a different dispersal way. Also I am going to tell you how to make your potions last for longer and how to turn them bad. To turn most helpful potions bad like a potion of strength to a potion of weakness you just brew in a spider eye after the starting potion is brewed before you put on any effects

Splash Potions are really helpful because then you could splash a potion of harming(brew an awkward potion with glistering melon(which makes potion of healing) then with a fermented spider eye) on an enemy and they would be really hurt. To make any potion a splash potion you just brew in a gunpowder. then you can throw one and it will splash onto any mob that is where you tossed the potion.

lengthening Potions will make them work on you for a longer time. Like if you used a potion of night vision on yourself then you could make it up to 8 minutes long. The way to make any potion longer is to brew glowstone into it. For some potions you can repeat this to 3 times making the duration longer each time.

I hope that this gives you enough knowledge to pass your N.E.W.T examinations. Let me know if there is anything else you want to be learning about in Minecraft. What is the Harry Potter villain you hate the most. For me that place is reserved for the queen of mean Dolores Jane Umbridge.


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