Frugal Friday: Making Your Change Count

Years ago I heard a budgeting tip that you should only spend your paper money and save all your coins. I have done this for years and then I save the change for something outside the normal budget (gifts, vacation, savings, etc). But it always takes a good chunk of time to so the rolling. I have looked at those CoinStars at the store but the bottom line is that I am cheap, or should I say frugal;). Well, I was reading Dr. Helen’s blog the other day and she was talking about the CoinStars. If you choose to get your money back as a gift card or e-card you get free counting. Amazon and a variety of others are options. To top that, right now if you choose to get an Amazon e-card, get at least $30 counted and complete the printed receipt and mail it in you get an additional $10 card. You can always use Amazon for curriculum, gifts, books, etc so that is what I am going to do!

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